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Appvolution Tech -- Our Mobile App development process     June 20, 2014

Appvolution Tech -- Our Mobile App development process


Many people have ideas. Turning an idea into an actual product that draws traction is what makes a product successful. At Appvolutiontech we would like to know why you think your app would be great, who are your potential audience and why do you think they would care about it. We might pose some challenging questions to get to a better business plan.
Once we get the initial requirements together, we will propose a strategy, workflow of your app in a simple English requirements document. We will also make sure we propose the ways to take your app viral, help you with search engine optimization and many more.

After these are done, we will start a rough wire framing to get your initial approval to get into the actual design and branding of the product.


Design is not only about great graphics but also great User Experience and high quality. It is also your branding.


Architecting an app before writing a single line of code is very important. This helps us decide the technology stack that is most appropriate for the app. Also, this helps in making the app code more robust, scalable and maintainable. Our lead architect and senior dev members gather to architect the app.


There are over a million apps in the Apple App store alone. To get your app recognized is not an easy task. Our past five years of mobility experience will be at your service to help your app get the success it deserves.


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