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WWDC 2014 KeyNote Notes     June 6, 2014

WWDC 2014 KeyNote Notes


9 Million new Developers

130 million new Apple devices this year

     Many of these people switched from Android

75 Billion Apps downloaded

97% overall user satisfaction for iOS 7

89% iOS install base already on iOS 7

     In contrast only 9% of Android users are on KitKat

     Over 1/3 of customers are using a version of Android from 4 years ago

99% mobile malware on Android

     Android fragmentation is turning devices into a toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities


     98% of Fortune 500 use iOS

     New Device Enrollment Program

OS X Yosemite Developer Preview Available Today (Available for free this Fall)

Summer OS X Beta Program

Mavericks at 51% (Launched 2013)

     Windows 8 still at 14% Launched a year before

New OSX is called OS X 10.0 Yosemite



          Dark Mode

          No titles on windows

          Alfred-like spot-light

               Integrates Wikipedia, etc. More Siri-like



          Airdrop works between iOS and Mac


               iPad shows current Mac app from lock screen.

               Mac sees that you are composing an email on your iPhone

               Select iPhone to setup a hotspot without going to iPhone settings

               Phone relays green bubbles from non-OS users to other devices

               Use Mac to receive incoming iPhone calls

               Call numbers right from the Mac (hit on Skype)

Widgets on side bar (even 3rd party)


     Recent documents under an app

     Maps results (e.g. Look up sushi Yelp)

     Movie times

iCloud Drive

     iOS Documents

     Synchronized across all Macs and accessible via iOS devices (also Windows)


     Large attachments solved via MailDrop

          Mac receives the attachments (up to 5GB in size) just as before

          Windows users receive a link


          Works with images and pdfs

               Signatures right from the trackpad

          Recognizes symbols (draw an arrow, cartoon bubble)


     Smart search shows favorites

     Smart search shows spotlight suggestions

     Subscribe to RSS within Safari

     Tabs shows stacks of websites from same site

     New private window




     JavaScripts Promises

     CSS Shapes and Compositing

     Up to 2 hours longer battery streaming Netflix (1080p HD video)

     Multi-tab browsing energy efficiency (7.0x than other browsers)

     DOM performance (2.0x than other browsers)

     Typical Website Javascript many times faster than other browsers

     Search bar reveals both favorites and frequently visited

     Scroll through tabs

iOS 8 - Available for Free this Fall

97% overall satisfactions for iOS 7

89% iOS install base on iOS 7

In contrast only 9% of Android users are on KitKat

     Over 1/3 of customers are using a version of Android from 4 years ago

99% mobile malware on Android

     Android fragmentation is turnins devices into a toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities

Interactive Notifications (Actionable notifications)

     Pull-down on message to reply directly without leaving the app

     Pull-down to respond to calendar event

Double click home button to show recent contacts

Safari now uses stacked websites for open tabs

Safari now uses side-bar just like OSX

Swipe gestures

     From left -> marks as unread

     From right -> Move/Flag/Delete

Swipe compose modal down to get access to presenting view controller


     Add auto-detected events to calendar


     Predictive typing suggestions

          Context-sensitive suggestions based on what the other person wrote you

          Given that the person wrote Want to go for a dinner or a movie the suggestions would show Dinner and Movie


     Name Thread

     Leave Thread

     Do Not Disturb (for a particular thread)

Tap to talk

     Tap and hold while talking and then swipe up to send (left to delete)

Send voice or video message with same gesture

Find My Friends integrated into messages

     Share for one hour

     Share until end of day

     Share indefinitely

iCloud Drive

     Open documents from other apps

     First 5GB free

     $48/200GB per year


     98% of Fortune 500 use iOS

     Device Enrollment Program

VIP threads

     Tap Notify Me on a thread


     Single place that applications can contribute to composite profile of activity and health

     The app is called Health

     Total control over which applications have control over which part of the app

     Working with Mayo Clinic

          When a patient takes a blood pressure reading, the app checks whether that reading is within customized bounds if not, then the app can automatically contact hospital

          We believe Apples HealthKit will revolutionize how the health industry interacts with people. We are proud to be at the forefront of this innovative technology with the Mayo Clinic app. Dr. John H. Noseworthy, CEO

     Working with EPIC systems thanks to their integration with HealthKitpatients at these hospitals

          Mount Sinai

          Cincinnati Childrens

          Stanford Hospital Clinics

          Penn Medicine

          Yale New Haven Health

          Cambridge University Hospitals (NHS)

          Oregon Health & Science University

          University of Iowa Health Care

          Texas Health Resources

          UCLA Health

          Sutter Health

          Cleveland Clinic

          The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia

          BaylorScott&White Health

          Radboudumc Reshape Center

          Weill Cornell Medical College - Physician Organization

          Johns Hopkins Medicine

          Ann & Robert H Lurie Childrens Hospital of Chicago


          Kaiser Permanente

          NYU Langone Medical Center

          Duke Medicine


     Purchases of all members of your family.

          Up to six family members who share the same credit card

          Kids can directly ask permission to parent to download an app

     Every photo you take is available on all devices

Sneak peak of ground-up photo solution on Mac

     Called Photos coming to OSX in the future


     Shazam integration into Siri

     Hey, Siri

     Streaming voice recognition

     22 new dictation languages


     Vector based maps

     Turn by turn navigation

     Lunar calendar support

     Improved predictive input

     Improved weather data


App Previews - so developers can make short videos

TestFlight beta testing service

Discover apps with Explore

Improved App Store search

App bundles

     , , ...

Biggest release since the launch of the App Store

4000 new developer APIs


     Extensions live inside an apps own sandbox

     Extensions can project UI back into the originating app


          Shown from action sheet

     Photo filters

          E.g. Allow another app to edit a photo directly from within Mail

     Widgets inside Notification Center

          Interactive (e.g. Bid on item in eBay through notification) 

     Install System-wide 3rd party keyboards


Touch ID API

     Protects logins and user data

     Unlocks keychain items

     Identifies successful matches

     Protects fingerprint data

Camera APIs

     Manual control of exposure, white balance and focus


     Faster performance

     Read and write to library

     nondestructive edit

HomeKit Home automation

     Locks, lights, cameras, doors, thermostat,s plugs, switches

     Secure pairing

     Control individual devices

     Group devices into scenes

     Siri integration, (e.g. Get ready for bed > Garage door is closed, doors are locked, lights dimmed)

Server Side

     App logic


     Asset storage

     Database storage



CloudKit Free with limits

     iCloud Authentication

     Asset storage

     Database storage



     Scales the data allocated based on number of users

          1PB assets

          10TB database



Metal 3D Graphics

     OpenGL|ES is the standards based way for 3D graphics

     Dramatically reduces overhead of Game to chip&


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